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Credit Cards
Summit offers data capture services utilizing hardware, software, or E-Commerce solutions for Visa and MasterCard transactions through our relationships with federally insured financial institutions. In addition, merchants may choose from a range of other services including data capture of American Express, Discover, Electronic Benefits Transfer and much more.

Debit/ATM Cards
PIN-based debit cards are rapidly becoming the preferred method of payment around for consumers. Merchant benefits include: faster checkouts, increased sales, lowering fees, shorter float time and guaranteed payment.

Smart Cards
Smart Cards are a new type of credit card rapidly gaining momentum. Utilized in Europe for several years, smart cards have an embedded silicon wafer that has more than one hundred times the memory of conventional magnetic stripe. This new format offers exciting applications in the areas of shopping convenience, Electro-Commerce and fraud prevention. Approximately, 90% of all current U.S. systems are not smart chip compatible.

Electronic Check Conversion
Check conversion is the newest trend in our industry. Checks may now be processed electronically, similar to credit cards, making things more efficient for business owners. Merchants now have the ability to run a paper check through an electronic scanner, electronically deposit the check into their bank account, and eliminate the time-consuming process of daily trips to the bank.

Electronic Gift Cards
The Summit electronic gift card program replaces traditional paper gift certificates with rechargeable gift cards. Studies show that approximately 30-40% of revenue generated from gift certificate sales is lost because of the cash back feature. The electronic gift card program, through eliminating cash back, can save thousands of merchants dollars each year.

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